Boldly Connecting

Connections are all around us.  Nothing on earth functions in isolation.  God designed our world so that everything in it and on it works together.  Even an amoeba needs something to float in. It is an amazing feat of creation.

Humans seek connections with others from the beginning of our lives.  We cannot survive without others.  We are designed to function in social groups, but for many people the bonds that help us thrive have broken down.  Those we are designed to depend on have shown themselves to be less than dependable, leading us to distrust others. 

I heard recently that the generation coming up is the least connected generation in recorded history!  Given the technological opportunities in our country today that is a confusing statement until we look a bit deeper.  Rather than true human interaction and human connections, we have learned to use our technology as a buffer to make us feel safe while imitating the relational connections we need.  We can see people on our screens.  We can communicate with them by talking, texting or sending cute little emojis.  When we become uncomfortable, we can just turn the screen off or “unfriend” that person.  We can build an entire community of “friends” online consisting of people that we have never met or spent actual time with.  This is convenient and safe because we will only see or share the bits and pieces of ourselves that make us look good in the moment.  People won’t ever really know who we are, so we are protected from disappointment.

This shallow attachment diminishes us.  It stifles our joy.  It blinds us to all the amazing connections in the world around us and how we are designed to fit into that plan.  Ultimately it leaves us empty and hungry and sad.

Our God is a God of relationship.  He designed us to be connected to Him.  When we are outside this core connection, nothing is quite right in our lives.  We lack that joy and peace that only He can bring. He is the root and trunk of the tree of life.  We are branches.  When a branch or twig falls from a tree, it dies.  It becomes food for the littlest creatures.  The branches that are attached to the tree continue to grow and thrive.  They provide shade, shelter and fruit because they remain connected to their purpose. 

Pastor Ann will be speaking to us this week about BOLDY CONNECTING.  If you’re wanting a deeper connection, please join us Sunday at 10:55 in the sanctuary (964 W. Hwy 190) or online as we live-stream on Facebook.