Pastor Ann has been speaking to us about the Vision of our church.  BOLDLY SEEKING.  BOLDLY CONNECTING. BOLDLY DISCIPLING. These are simple words but deep concepts.  Last week she brought us a message on discipling.  She began with another set of simple words that have deep lasting consequences. “We are all following someone.  We are […]

God’s Legos

Who doesn’t love legos?  These strange little blocks have fascinated us for generations.  They come in different sizes and colors. Some are magnetic, others light up but they all have one thing in common. To be fun or useful they must be connected.  One lego is not entertaining. It is just an odd block; a […]

What’s in a Name?

When you’re about to become parents, people start looking at baby names.  If you’ve done this recently (or not so recently) you’ve discovered that name sites or books all seem to want to tell you what this or that name means.  For example, Emma is a popular girl’s name right now.  One site explains that […]

The Silly Season

Last week I spoke with a man who told me he calls this “the silly season.”  He explained that every hour is packed with things that MUST get done.  The longer I ponder this, the more I realize he’s got a valid point.  Is it the right point though? Christmas is nearly upon us and […]


Please join us on Sunday morning to hear Pastor Ann continue her message about Jesus in Prophecy.  We are hoping to have our live-stream back up this week and apologize for the sermons you may have missed.  We are looking forward to seeing you at 10:55 a.m. Sunday.  We’d like to invite you to come […]