We are really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning, July 12th, in the Sanctuary. Just a reminder that we DO have to wear masks, so please cover your face with something appropriate.

Service will begin at 10:45 sharp with worship led by Vickie Smith.

See all y’all in the morning!


Isn’t HOPE a mysterious word?  Oxford dictionary defines it as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.”  So according to these folks it’s a feeling or desire.  Can hope ever be a certainty?

There are things that are universally hoped for.  We hope that the weather will be nice for outdoor celebrations.  We hope that our children grow up to be more than us.  We hope for peace and the end of hunger in our world.

Some hope is more individual.  We may hope that a loved one recovers from a specific illness.  We may hope our marriage survives a rocky period.  We may hope we can keep our home. Maybe we are hoping to meet that special someone. 

Are you hoping for something that is lacking in your life?  Most of us are.  We feel an emptiness somewhere inside that is indefinable.  We turn many different ways, hoping to fill that void, hoping that this time we’ll feel better.  We hope that one more drink, one more joint or fix, one more hook-up, one more…..

None of these hopes work.  But there is a hope that is a certainty.  There is a hope that is guaranteed to fill that void, make us whole and give us the ultimate gift of eternal life.  When we fix our hope on Jesus, everything changes.  It begins quietly, but immediately.  New life is poured into us, our eyes open to who we have been and who we can be.  Our hope becomes rooted to the most solid foundation in the universe.

If this is something you have been hoping for, please join us Sunday morning at 10:45 a.m. in the sanctuary at 864 W. Hwy 190, Cove.  Pastor Ann will be speaking to us about fixing our hope! 

We will be recording live on Facebook and posting later in the day to YouTube if you can’t join us in person. 

***PLEASE NOTE*** Gov. Abbott has signed orders that we must all cover our faces while in public buildings as well as situations in which we cannot social distance.  PLEASE WEAR YOUR FAVORITE FACIAL ACCESSORY.  We are considering a contest related to masks. Let us know what you think.