Holiest Week

We are in the midst of the holiest week of the year for Christians and Jews.  In our belief systems, everything in creation focus on Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread and Feast of First Fruits.  Each of these festivals for the Lord are about Jesus and spending time with our God.

Passover came about when God brought the Israelites out of Egypt about 1445 BC.  The people were told to paint their doorposts and lintels with lamb’s blood from a perfect lamb. Those doors were passed over by the death angel.  Any homes and barns left unpainted suffered the loss of the firstborn male child or animal when the angel of death entered.  Only after Pharaoh lost his firstborn son did he realize that there was a God greater than himself.  At that point, he let the Israelites leave Egypt. 

Because the people were to prepare to leave, no leaven was put in the bread.  Moses instructed them to prepare and eat their meal in haste so they would be ready to go.  As they fled through Egypt they continued to eat unleavened bread.

A little over 2000 years ago, God sent Jesus into the world.  His purpose was to be the perfect lamb for Passover.  He was slain on the cross at the exact hour the last lamb was sacrificed in the Temple for Passover. This is the day we call Good Friday in the Christian faith. 

Sadly, much of this history has been lost to our modern western church and our culture in general.  In this country, most people go about the daily routine on this day.  Saturday will just be another day to sleep in, hang out and maybe do some work around home, rather than a day to contemplate Jesus lying dead in a tomb.  That day in Jerusalem, all those years ago, his disciples were “sheltering in place” as they feared for their lives and mourned their loss. 

The day we call Easter, began before dawn for Mary Magdalene as she rose and went to the tomb to anoint Jesus body with oils.  He had already risen!  Christians around the world celebrate this day with a sunrise service for Resurrection Sunday.  This is the day He carried our sins completely away to God, giving us the opportunity to live in His kingdom, eternally.  The angel of death will pass over us. 

Our communion celebration reflects His instruction as we are reminded of what it cost for us to walk free.

Because of Covid19, we are foregoing our traditional sunrise service.  We are going to begin worship at 10:55 a.m. in the parking lot of Cove Nazarene Sunday morning in drive-in style.  We will live-stream Pastor Ann’s message at 11:15 on Facebook and get it posted to our YouTube channel as soon as possible after service.  That address is:


Praying that the Lord is merciful to you during this strange time and that you are looking to Him with peace and trust.