Praise Challenge

On the 27th of September we offered y’all a challenge.  We invited you to find something to praise God about every day for 30 days.  We’re hoping that you took us up on that challenge and that you are beginning to see the impact that praise has had in your life.

If you missed that post**, you can try praising Him for the next 30 days and see what happens.  If life looks bleak right now and you don’t think this is possible for you to do, consider the fact that you have life.  That means you have an opportunity to change things and circumstances, if you are willing. 

Not everything in your life is under your control.  Other people are not under your control.  The weather is not under your control.  You have no control over decisions made above your pay grade.  You DO have control of your thoughts, emotions and actions. 

Praising God is an act of love that comes from your ability to recognize His blessing.

When we praise God we are letting Him know that we recognize His Kingdom and His sovereignty (right to rule) over our lives.  Praising God focuses our attention on Him.  It reminds us of who He is and who we are or who we want to be.  As we praise Him our love for Him grows.  Once we begin looking for a reason to praise Him, we find more reasons each day. 

If you don’t know Jesus as your personal savior yet, this may seem like a foolish thing to ask of you.  It may not make any sense to you to give God credit for anything.  All we ask is that you try this out and see what happens.  At the very least, nothing will happen.  But we believe something incredible will happen.  Do you want to know what?  Take our challenge.

If you are curious about what praising God looks like in a church……

Join us Sunday morning at 10:55 in the sanctuary, if possible, or on Facebook as we livestream the amazing message Pastor Ann will bring us about praising our most high and awesome God!

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