What comes to your mind when someone says doorkeeper?  I see a middle aged gentleman in uniform, complete with cap and white gloves.  You know that image.  They are bastions in every large city, whether they stand at the door of an apartment/condo building or a fine hotel.  They guard the door.  They open it for those who should enter or wish to leave and bar it from those who are not recognized as belonging.

If you followed Pastor Ann’s sermon last Sunday, you’ll see right away where my imaginary doorman is wrong.  Can you see what might be right with that image?

WE, believers in Christ, are doorkeepers. This is an amazing, frightening prospect.  We hold the key to open or close the door to Jesus’ Kingdom.  This key is prayer.  When we pray, according to His will, we open the door and invite Him into the world.  We keep the door closed if prayer isn’t part of what we do.

We have the key.  We have access to the door.   We can choose to change the world by using that key, or we can continue to watch it disintegrate before our eyes. 

What choice will you make today?