Would You Say Yes?

Imagine for a moment that its mid-day and you’re going about your usual routine.  Suddenly, your phone rings. Without checking the number, you answer.  The voice on the other end is one you recognize, but don’t believe would call you.  What you’ve heard is:

“Hello?  This is President Trump.”

How are you going to respond?  Would you say:

“Yeah, right” and hang up?                       “I think you have the wrong number” … and hang up?

“Let me give you a piece of my mind!”     “Stop fooling around (friend’s name)!”


“Hello sir.  Are you certain you have the right number?”

If you have the courage for the last response, his next words will knock you off your feet.

“Yes, I have the right number.  I was meeting with my security council this morning and they’ve informed me that we have invaders on the east coast.  I need you to take care of this for your country.”

“Oh, and by the way, the armed forces aren’t available.  So it’ll just be you and whoever will answer your call.  We’re behind you all the way, so just let me know how many people you get and we’ll talk again.  Thanks!”

I don’t know how you’d be feeling, but I’d be shaking in my boots!  Maybe now would be a good time to move to Canada or Mexico, or take a slow boat to China.  Anywhere but here!  Then again, it’s possible he called you because you served in the military or play Fortnite, Call to Battle or another game in that genre that he thinks has equipped you to handle this kind of pressure.  Obviously he believes you can handle the situation.

Did you say yes?

Pastor Lisa Palmer will be our guest speaker this Sunday.  She has a message about a situation like this and how God is able to use the most unlikely person to accomplish amazing things.  If you’d like to hear how this story ends, please join us Sunday morning at 10:50 a.m.  We look forward to seeing you then!