Call to Duty

Memorial Day is a unique holiday.  Every year it gives Americans an opportunity to reflect on the cost of answering the call to duty.  Whether you or someone you know is military, a first responder, or even a parent you recognize what that means.  When you respond to that call the outcome is not cut and dried.  You don’t know that all will end well.  There is no guarantee that everyone will survive to tell the tale.  When the call to duty is answered sometimes people die. 

Now I know some of you are saying, “REALLY? A parent?”  Yes, really.  Parents have a duty to their children that exceeds the call of our country or our community.  As a parent, protecting one’s child is the primary call.  Does that mean a person will die because they are a parent?  No.  But it does mean that if they love their children as God planned they are willing to die for them.  

God knows this price and understands this call to protect His children.  Jesus paid the ultimate price when He answered the call to protect all of God’s children by accepting responsibility for every sin ever committed.  He took that burden with Him to the cross.  By nailing those sins on the cross, Jesus protected us from eternal death and provided us the opportunity for eternal life.

We need only step out in faith.  Our call to duty is to believe that God is.  That Jesus is His son who died for us.  Our call is to faithfully proclaim our belief in Him and follow Him all the days of our lives.

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