In Hebrews 12:26 we are told that God has said, ” YET ONCE MORE I WILL SHAKE NOT ONLY THE EARTH, BUT THE HEAVEN.”

There is all kinds of shaking going on around us all the time. There have been many earthquakes since then.  Kingdoms have fallen, as have stars from heaven.  People have their lives shaken frequently because of illness, job changes, relationship disruptions and so on and on.  Covid19 is just the latest disturbance.

So did God mean all of that?  Or was He talking about something entirely different?  I think He was doing both.  He knows that little things that go wrong can shake us up.  He knows that little things can grow into bigger things that really shake us up.  He knows that we can allow this shaking to completely derail us and send us spinning off into another world.

God also meant that there is only one thing on earth and in heaven that cannot be shaken. Him. His Kingdom is outside of time.  His Word is eternal and unchanging.  His desire is to share His Kingdom and Word with us so that we will never be shaken, no matter what comes.

He said this to prepare us for the ups and downs of life but also to remind us that he will be sending Jesus back to complete His tasks.  We need to be prepared for that and the best way to do that is to lean on God, study His word and build our relationship with Him so that we are part of HIS Kingdom. 

As people in His Kingdom, it won’t matter if our lives are shifted and shaken now.  We know that there is more. 

Pastor Ann is going to talk about what this shaking means and what we can do to get into God’s Kingdom this Sunday April 19, 2020.  Please join us at 10:55 for drive-in style service or at 11:15 on Facebook livestream.