As young people, others frequently ask us what we want to be when we grow up.  When we reach adulthood, we are asked what our one year plan or five year plan is.  Let’s be honest.  Most of us don’t know.  We have a general idea of what we don’t want to be.  We don’t want to be poor.  We don’t want to be an addict or alcoholic.  We don’t want to be homeless.  We don’t want to be a slave or a servant.

A servant?  Where is the glory or glamour in that?  There is nothing prestigious about being a servant.  It’s not even on the ladder of success, is it?  In our culture the word servant brings to mind positions like housekeeper, butler, doorman, parking valet or chauffer.  But are these really the servants of our culture? 

Our entire economy is built on the service industry.  Think about that for a moment.  We serve others in many of the jobs in this country.  That qualifies us as servants.  If you work in a restaurant, retail, or entertainment venue you are probably serving others.  Attorneys, doctors, law enforcement and other first responders are all serving others.  What about government employees, financial gurus, bankers? Yep.  Servants. IT?  Servant.  Parents and teachers?  Servants.  President of the U.S.? He serves the whole country.  

Are you beginning to get the picture?  Most of us are servants.  Most of us serve others without giving it a second thought.  And yet, if we are told that we should be servants we become defensive and disagreeable.

Jesus called us to be servants.  He washed his disciples’ feet to make his point.  If the Lord would do that for his students, perhaps we should give this whole servant idea another look. 

If you work in the service field (all those careers listed above) perform your job joyfully.  Would it be terrible to help your neighbor carry in her groceries?  How demeaning would it be to invite your co-worker to share a meal?  Are you able to hold a door for someone?  Sometimes serving takes no greater effort than greeting a stranger with a smile.  Perhaps being a servant is one of the best things we could be. 

We are having a worship service on Sunday morning at 10:55 a.m.  Pastor Ann will be exploring this topic further and helping us understand what Jesus has in mind for us.  Please join us in the sanctuary or on Facebook live at 11:30.