God’s Legos

Who doesn’t love legos?  These strange little blocks have fascinated us for generations.  They come in different sizes and colors. Some are magnetic, others light up but they all have one thing in common. To be fun or useful they must be connected. 

One lego is not entertaining. It is just an odd block; a strange shape taking up space.  One lego cannot bring a smile or encourage a person to create something new.  It just is. One. Lego. 

Like legos, people come in many sizes and colors.  Some we are attracted to or repulsed by.  Others light up our lives.  Like legos, people need to be connected to fulfill our purposes.  No one is created to be completely alone.

God is the cornerstone in our lego building.  Without Him, none of our other connections will hold together properly. Relationship with Him is the most important connection we can make.  This connection begins in the blink of an eye.  When we realize that we are incomplete without Him and seek Him through prayer, He responds immediately. 

God’s purpose for our lives can only be attained when we are connected to Him and in turn to other people.  Being connected to God is more than a concept we talk about at church.  When we are willing to be connected to Him through worship, through study of the Word, through prayer and through service we begin to fulfill His purpose for our lives.  As we do this, we find our lives to be more full, richer and filled with more joy than we have ever known.  He will pour His peace into us, so that we can function in this fallen world even as we feel it falling around us.  He gives us strength to stand and is the rock we stand on while the world shifts like sand on a beach. We invite you to come be one of God’s legos.  Join us Sunday morning as Pastor Ann takes us deeper into what it means to be BOLDLY CONNECTED.  Service begins at 10:55 and the sermon will be livestreamed in case you can’t join us in the sanctuary.  See y’all Sunday