What’s in a Name?

When you’re about to become parents, people start looking at baby names.  If you’ve done this recently (or not so recently) you’ve discovered that name sites or books all seem to want to tell you what this or that name means.  For example, Emma is a popular girl’s name right now.  One site explains that it means “whole” or “universal.”

Is this important?  If you name your daughter Emma will she be “whole” or “universal” in a way that she would not be if you named her Katy?  Will she be more popular, more successful, moreā€¦.more?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.

Most ancient cultures put serious emphasis on names because people understood that words hold power in a way that we no longer grasp. 

We are bombarded with words and names everywhere in our culture.  Visual words and auditory words.  Songs, movies, tv, games, street signs, billboards, business signs. It is impossible in our culture to avoid words.  We have given “names” to everything. 

Recognizing that all those names hold power is surprising.  We all have brand names we love or hate.  Think about your favorite soda.  Is it brand (A) or brand (B)?  When you think of the name, can you feel a response in your mouth?  That’s power.   If you’re a sports fan, think of your favorite team’s name.  Is it strong?  Is it dominating?  Do you feel excitement when you hear it?  That’s power.

If the name of a soft drink can make your mouth water, if the name of your favorite sports team can make your heart race, how much more powerful would a name be if it was chosen by God? 

Jesus.  Emmanuel.  Yeshua.  Wonderful Counselor.  Prince of Peace.  Salvation.

This is the most powerful name in our universe and it was chosen by God.  This name changed the world. 

If you’d like to learn more, we’d be happy to see you Sunday morning in the sanctuary at 10:55 as Pastor Ann brings us a message about “What is in a Name.” 

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