Seeking Satisfaction

It’s Family Week at Cove Nazarene! What does that mean? It means that Pastor Ann will be teaching to the kiddos this week as they remain in church with us older folks. For some of us (like me) this is a great deal because the message is simple, straighforward and easy to grasp. So what is she going to talk about?

We all remember playing hide and seek when we were (maybe) younger. Seeking was the more difficult part for some of us because the others we played with were great at hiding. Which part did you excell at? Which part did you enjoy more? If I had to guess…………….. most of us preferred hiding.

As we come to realize that there is something missing in our lives, an emptiness within us that we just can’t seem to fill, we begin to be seekers. Some seek fortune and some seek fame, others seek possessions or status. Not one of these things will fill that hole inside us though.

Jesus told us to “seek the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind.” Why would He say that? Because we are designed to be connected to our God and nothing short of a relationship with Him will ever satisfy us.

Join us Sunday morning at 10:55 in the sanctuary or here on Facebook as Pastor Ann teaches this amazing concept! See y’all Sunday!