Overcoming Perceptions

Our perception of ourselves determines how we see everything in the world around us.  If we see ourselves as weak, frail, scatterbrained; we will see danger all around us.  If we perceive ourselves as bold, strong, intelligent; we will see the world as a place where we are dominant.  But neither of these views reflect reality.  Perceptions are flawed, even in the most honest of us.  None of us is able to see clearly on our own.

Reality is the Lord God Almighty.  He is.  We live in the world that He created for us.  Through His mercy, we have received the right to salvation and eternal life.  To get there, we have to be willing to change some things.

Like our perceptions.  To overcome our skewed views of the world, we need to learn to trust Him.  This isn’t an instant happening.  It takes time, it takes devotion, it takes determination and it takes love.  Without love for the Lord in our hearts, we won’t be able to overcome the perceptions that lifetime of learning from the world.  We take the negative things of this world and write them on our hearts.

Like our focus.  What we should be writing on our hearts are the Words of the Lord.  Only then will our vision clear.  When we focus on His Will and trust the Holy Spirit, we will overcome whatever temporary situation we are faced with. 

Pastor Ann has a unique message to share with us about our perceptions and overcoming.  If you’d like to learn more, join us Sunday morning at 10:55 in the sanctuary or on facebook live.