Seeking Satisfaction

It’s Family Week at Cove Nazarene! What does that mean? It means that Pastor Ann will be teaching to the kiddos this week as they remain in church with us older folks. For some of us (like me) this is a great deal because the message is simple, straighforward and easy to grasp. So what […]

Heaven and the Kingdom of God

Is there a difference between heaven and the Kingdom of God? YES! Pastor Ann has been speaking to us about the Kingdom of God recently and will continue that exploration this week as she moves us into understanding this difference. Jesus left the Kingdom of Heaven to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. In […]

Ambassadors for Christ and His Kingdom

Ambassador is a word that we usually associate with politics and foreign countries. It isn’t a word we tend to apply to ourselves. But, ambassadors are exactly what we are. We represent our beliefs throughout everything we do. Think for a moment about how you’ve represented those beliefs this week. Are your actions saying something […]